Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Steve had come home one day and reported that he'd had a business lunch at Glo with very tasty results.  Given it was the one year anniversary of when we first met we decided to go to dinner to celebrate.  Glo has a funky modern design with surrounding ocean views (the patio would be killer in the summer time).  We had a stormy vantage point as it was a very wintry, blustery day!  We arrived hungry and in the mood for a celebratory cocktail.  I started with a classic gin martini which was ably prepared (though I was mystified when the waitress asked if I wanted it on the rocks?!  Who orders a classic martini on the rocks?  Someone enlighten me if you do..)

But I digress...  The appetizer menu had an interesting array of starters including beef Carpaccio, and braised short ribs with cauliflower puree (as well as old tried and true "old chestnuts" such as calamari, chicken wings, and the ubiquitous tuna tataki - a tasty dish that seems to be cropping up on menus all over Victoria).  We opted to share the house made flat bread which is served drizzled with Asiago Cream.  While not being quite as good as the flat bread served up at Fifth Street Grill it was still quite delicious (especially with the decadent assuage cream)  For our mains, I ordered the Arctic char only to be informed by the waitress that it had been replaced with salmon.  FYI servers: it is good to inform customers what the restaurant has run out of BEFORE they order.  It’s a minor quibble however as our server was otherwise pleasant and professional.  Steve decided on a classic burger.  Glo makes their burger with prime rib and you have the option of soup, salad or fries as an accompaniment.  He ordered his with the daily soup.  My fish arrived perfectly cooked and adorned with a slightly sweet and delicious crunchy roe.   The sides of roasted vegetables and a squash puree with goat cheese were delicious.  Steve's soup was delicious - A good hit of throat warming, sustaining curry made creamy with a dollop coconut milk.  I'd kill for the recipe for this soup which manages to be homey and exotic all at once.  Steve's burger really did taste of prime rib and was moist and juicy.  Sometimes all one needs is a good burger and Glo doesn't disappoint on this front.  The burger comes with mushrooms, bacon and cheddar and an onion marmalade/chipotle aioli.  The flavors merged very well indeedy.  
Inexplicably we still had room leftover for dessert.  I was craving a chocolate fix and ordered the chocolate pate with blackberry compote.  I reluctantly passed on the sticky toffee pudding (which you can glean from previous posts is a favorite of mine).  Steve ordered a trio of desserts (you get to pick your three faves!) including the sticky toffee pudding, creme Brule, and flourless chocolate torte.

The pate was tasty with the blackberry compote and vanilla gelato but Steve's picks were what really stood out for us.  The sticky toffee pudding (our server recommended it to us as her favorite) was lovely with a hint of saltiness to the caramel to offset the sugariness.  The creme Brule was tasty but the other standout was the flourless chocolate torte which came drizzled with the most delectable bing cherry caramel sauce.
Service was attentive and our food came at reasonable intervals without an interminable wait.  

I'd heartily recommend Glo to my friends for the view, service and the yummy food.  Excellent!

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