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JJ Wonton Noodle House

Sometimes I discover a restaurant I am fond of and, inexplicably, forget to go again. A couple of weeks ago I was craving Won Ton soup and I remembered the strong reputation of J&J Wonton Noodle House (and my own fond memories of their tasty cashew chicken). We decided on a belated visit. We opted for the ubiquitous Wor Wonton soup to start followed by the somewhat unadventurous but always tasty sweet and sour pork and an order of curried Singapore noodle.

The Wonton soup was the highlight for us with a tureen of golden flavorful broth chock full of scallops, prawns, two kinds of won ton (TWO!!) the the freshest crisp tender cooked vegetables I have ever had in a soup ever. It was marvelous. The dumplings tasted so fresh and light. I loved the sweet and sour pork which again was adorned with perfectly cooked vegetables. Steve likes the sauce a bit stronger and syrupy but I rather liked the lighter texture and lack of goop. For once the sweet and sour sauce seemed homemade and not overwhelmed by cornstarch and food coloring. The curried shanghai noodle was mildly disappointing but perhaps this simply isn't my dish of choice. The curry flavor tasted generic and the vermicelli noodles were a little too soft. But given the superb yumminess of our other fare, I am more than willing to try other dishes at JJ! Service was prompt and pleasant.

For those of you who get a yen for wonton I daresay this is the tastiest you'll enjoy in Victoria. I'd also encourage ordering any veggie dish here as their freshness and perfectly cooked texture are wonderful. I'll definitely be going back. J&J also offers take out!! And I want to sample other items from their varied and appealing menu.

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