Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Pizzeria Prima Strada

Steve and I had a hankering for pizza one Sunday and headed down to the village to Pizzeria Prima Strada. The place was already humming at 5:30 pm with a line up out the door. I figured this was an omen of good things to come. The courteous hostess took our cell number and offered to call us when our table was ready. We were able to take a quick trek around the picturesque neighborhood in the interim. Later we returned to the cozy ambience of dark wood and candle light. We opted to share a fennel salad with orange, red onion and mint to start. The licorice crispness of the fennel was a lovely contrast to the sweetness of orange and fresh dill. The red onion was a little sharp but not enough to ruin this delectably refreshing dish. Next we decided to try the funghi pizza with porcini cream, roasted mushrooms, roasted onions,
fresh thyme, mozzarella and pecorino. This was simply one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten. The crust is thin and tender and the roasted mushrooms, thyme and pecorino made the topping delectably creamy without being overpowering. Prima Strada takes care in sourcing fresh local ingredients and it shows in the results. We passed on the gelato but I’ll be trying it on a subsequent visit. Service was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. After one dinner I can see why this pizzeria is so popular. It’s utterly addictive and the best thing you’ll get outside of Italy!


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  1. yummmy! i love the funghi pizza there, too. there's nothing better than thin-crust pizza...why waste all the dough on too much dough?