Tuesday, February 22, 2011


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Last night Steve and I were celebrating our 6 month anniversary. Since we are both saddled with your garden variety flu bug we opted for takeout from a new joint called Foo which, in principle appears to be mimicking the perennially successful Noodle Box. Some folks want comforting blandness when they are under the weather, I am a gal who craves chili and heat!

We tried three dishes to share opting first for chicken soup with soy and ginger. I wanted this to try and placate my virus. We opted to share the Indonesian Fried Rice (with pulled pork and pineapple) and an intriguing starter dish referred to as Vietnamese caramel chicken. Excitedly we took the ample bag of nosh home with us. Everything is priced reasonably - our three dishes combined came to 23 bucks.

Steve and I agreed that the soup and Indonesian Fried Rice were adequately prepared but uninspiring. The soup was a tad heavy on the soy and VERY salty. However the caramel chicken was rhapsodically wonderful. Sweet, spicy morsels of fork tender chicken with crunchy bok choy and some very flavorful fried rice. For this dish alone I would go back to Foo, the crunchy soft texture of the chicken and salty sweet flavor was sublime. This reminded me of why I am so crazy for Vietnamese fare, it’s that sublime combination of freshness and amazing textures. You never feel all gross and grease laden after eating it.

I am eager to go back to Foo to try their other dishes. Their pakoras (as reported by another blogger) are purportedly delicious. Foo has other Indian fare on the menu such as butter chicken and paneer dumplings. The dishes range all over the globe but the menu is not over laden with choices. Staff are courteous and seem enthusiastic. There are daily specials in addition to the regular fare (which includes pot stickers, red Thai curry and short rib chow mein to name a few).

I think Foo will be a welcome addition for those of us who want a quick bite before the movies or take out that is creatively prepared and isn't overly greasy or heavy. The caramel chicken dish alone is reason to visit this spot again! I look forward to another visit soon to try the other mouth watering options!

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