Sunday, February 27, 2011


I have decided to devote a portion of this blog to where to satisfy particular cravings in Victoria.  For example where to find the best croissant, the best cupcake, the best breakfast.  I'll be fastidious.  It’s a tough job, but someone has got to do it!

In this vein I simply have to give kudos to Fernwood Inn Pub's exquisite mac and cheese.  Now, this is no ordinary pallid, bland, wimpy macaroni and cheese mind.  At Fernwood Inn Pub you'll get a generous portion of perfectly cooked fusilli noodles swathed in creamy cheese sauce topped with golden crispy panko crumbs.  The cheese sauce has that slight sharpness that I love (I think mac and cheese MUST have sharp cheddar to be palatable) but this  is still creamy enough in texture divinely comforting.

Now here is the best part of all.  You have a choice to add chorizo or BACON to your mac.  For you omnivores reading this I have to insist on the addition of the bacon which somehow takes this dish right over the top in the best way possible.  I haven't tried the chorizo version but the addition of the chorizo is $7 while the bacon is $1.  The bacon version is so delicious I don't dare deviate from it. The bacon gets crisp for lovely texture contrast and it doesn't overpower the cheesy goodness. Personally, I don't really see more gilding the lily as necessary but you do as you please!

So if you are having winter blahs and craving comfort food you could do worse than cozying up at Fernwood Inn pub in one of their lovely booths and ordering a nice porter, Guinness or stout and the macaroni and cheese with bacon.   It’s the crack cocaine of the pasta world!  Your serotonin levels will thank you.

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  1. I must try this mac and cheese! And what is that lovely looking drink in the pic?
    Fantastic foodie blog, Nadine! It would be great to see it featured on Urbanspoon. ;)

  2. Hi Yvonne! Thanks for your kind comment. I don't know what the drink is actually. The pasta is now made with fusilli rather than the noodle shown above but its still really delicious. I'm not sure how to put my blog on Urban Spoon but I'll investigate! Cheers. N