Friday, March 2, 2012


I have always been a coffee house addict. The predilection began long before the existence of megalopolis chains such as Starbucks.  I have whiled away many an afternoon with a good book and foamy cappuccino in hand.  How fortunate that I stumbled upon The Union Pacific Coffee Company.  Union Pacific is located on the periphery of Chinatown just adjacent to Dragon Alley.  The owners wisely chose to preserve the soaring brick and beam architecture that exemplifies historic Herald Street.  There are artful design touches too, such as a giant moose painting adorning one wall and quirky antiques.  As inviting as the space is, it would be moot if the coffee weren't any good. Happily, the folks at Union Pacific Coffee Co know their way around a bean. They serve fair trade, small batch roasted, and organic J.J. Bean coffee from Granville Island.  Watch as the friendly baristas make "latte art" for you, creating images on your milk topped espresso.  If you are in need of a little sustenance to soak up all that caffeine, don't fret; Union Pacific has got you covered. You can choose from a selection of homemade breakfast sandwiches, soups, Panini’s, and sumptuous baked goods. 

Monty's Picks: Tomato cheddar egger, chicken gumbo soup, chocolate banana mini loaves, panini with turkey, cranberry orange marmalade, swiss and spinach.

Imbibe: Americano, Chai Latte, Apple Cider

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  1. Okay now I'm wanting it and yet I live in Vancouver! Mmmmmm... next time I'm in Victoria for sure!

  2. Great article. I do love the vibe at Union Pacific.