Sunday, March 4, 2012


I'm not normally a fan of wrap sandwiches but I make an exception when it comes to Delicados.  Delicados is a funky little eatery nestled on the corner of Blanshard and Fort Street.  They have an additional location on Oak Bay Avenue.

Delicados features Southwestern cuisine.   Their display case is filled with colourful salads and spreads.  You can browse the shelves of the restaurant for intriguing items: hot sauces, BBQ marinades, humus and home made salsas.  Tempting menu offerings include burritos, enchiladas, tortilla pies, and homemade soup.  Try the Coyote Combo, which lets you sample one enchilada and one burrito each. 

While I have not yet had the pleasure of sampling all of the offerings at Delicados I must give a shout out to their insanely addictive wrap sandwiches.  My favourite, the California roll up, consists of a flour tortilla packed with either shrimp or chicken, cheese, tomato, avocado, tender spinach leaves and chipotle sauce.  Chipotle sauce seems to be featured on everything these days, sort of like the sun dried tomato of yesteryear but Delicado's chipotle sauce is so delicious you could eat it by the tubful.  It has a smoky sweet hit that is irresistible.  Caution, serious addiction factor!  I usually find wraps kind of boring but here the ingredients are so fresh and the flavour combinations so delectable I am forced to revise my opinion. Portion size is ample.  I have shared one burrito with a friend and still been sated.  For around eight dollars this makes for an affordable, nourishing and substantial lunch.   Alternately you could try the Southwest wrap which features a salsa tortilla stuffed with chicken, cheese, red onion, spinach, Southwest rice and of course, more of that scrumptious chipotle sauce.   This is my husband's favourite for the addition of the flavorful rice.  Many of Delicado's menu items also feature your choice of a side salad.

Delicados has counter service and the dining space is utilitarian but cheerful.  Staff are accommodating and friendly.   Items can be eaten or taken out.  Everything is made fresh on the premises daily.  For a quick, nourishing and affordable meal downtown this charming little Latin deli is well worth a visit!

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