Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Oldfield Orchard Bakery is located in picturesque Saanichton.   It is well worth the drive.  If you do venture out you'll enjoy some of Vancouver Island's most idyllic scenery as you meander along.  Once you reach your destination you'll be glad you made the trip. 

This Bakery, located in the farming community of Saanichton, makes superb fruit pies using their own produce.  And that's not all. Check out their beautiful vegetables and fruit, homemade jams and jellies, soups, tortiere, savoury pies such as chicken or steak and vegetable, golden yoked free range eggs, hanging baskets and more.  On your way out the door don't forget to visit the donkeys and goats in the petting zoo.

Whenever we go to Oldfield Farm we invariably load up on more than what we originally intended to buy yet we never seem to regret it. We discovered Oldfield's pies by accident.  Steve and I purchased a pie at the Saanich Fair last year. It was so delicious we took note of its origins.   From then on we never think to go anywhere else whenever we are craving pie.  Their pastry is outstanding, flaky and light and the fruit has just the right balance of tart and sweet.  Oldfield also makes superb cinnamon buns and if you are lucky you might get one that is still gooey and warm.  Charmingly, Oldfield is unstaffed in the wintertime but they leave their stand open.  You can purchase baked goods from the freezer and leave your money in a jar.  They use the honour system!  I was truly touched that this vestige of rural life remains and it is nice to still be able to enjoy their bounty year round.  

If you are looking for a fun excursion on the island I highly recommend visiting this pretty and friendly farm.   Afterwards head to Brentwood Bay Pub for a bowl of seafood chowder (see separate blog post).  You'll return home both renewed and relaxed!


  1. What are their prices like these days? The last time I visited, their prices had jumped from $7.50 to $18.00 per pie. I love their stuff but they've priced themselves way out of my budget. :(

    1. Hi Yvonne - I think we paid $16 for our pie which is quite expensive though the produce was very reasonable. It is true that such a price may deter folks. We relegate ourselves to picking up the pies on special occasions i.e. Thanksgiving. A friend of mine did swear by the pumpkin pies. I am learning to bake them at home. My pastry confidence is increasing by slow increments.