Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I recently participated in an inspiring and mouth watering Thai cooking class at Cook Culture. The instructor was local chef Heidi Fink. Buoyed up by what I learned in the class, and impressed with Heidi's teaching style, I decided to accompany her on one of her culinary tours of Chinatown. 

I have always been smitten with Victoria's tiny but vibrant Chinatown. Heidi's culinary tours are a veritable gold mine for anyone who loves Asian style cooking but finds the array of unfamiliar ingredients on display a little daunting.  Heidi will demystify everything with her warm accessible teaching style.  During the tour, I learned about Asian produce and how to prepare it, the differences between rice, egg and bean thread noodles, where to find the best quality condiments, sauces, rice, and curry paste and much more.  We sampled unique bakery items and some succulent roast duck and bbq pork.  I had been trying for ages to find galangal to no avail and Heidi showed me the light (hint: it is on Government street) The tour concluded with a tea tasting at Silk Roads.  We were given a comprehensive handout full of pertinent information and some mouth-watering recipes to try.  

I strongly recommend Heidi's tour for anyone interested in expanding their home cooking repertoire and knowledge.  I will most definitely be trying my new recipes as soon as I am able.  I can now shop in Victoria's Chinatown with confidence and enthusiasm.  Thanks Heidi!

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