Monday, April 9, 2012


Devour on Urbanspoon

Devour, the tiny restaurant located across from the public library downtown has a loyal following.  I head there early to nab one of the few available tables but take heed, all of their dishes are available for takeout.  

Devour lives up to its namesake by offering fresh, creative, delicious things to eat.  The price points are affordable when you consider the quality.  This is the kind of food you could easily be paying $30 a plate for at a fancy restaurant. The menu changes daily. Samples of past menu items include duck salad rolls, beef skewers and romesco sauce and smoked salmon tartlet.

On my first visit to Devour I ordered the flat iron steak sandwich with gorgonzola cheese. My greens were topped with fresh strawberries and slivered almonds.  Its nice to eat somewhere where the side salad is not just an afterthought!   My steak was served on a scrumptious chewy baguette with the cheese oozing tantalizingly on top.    On a subsequent visit to this eatery I feasted on vegetarian Moussaka with polenta.  This dish would be particularly comforting on a cold, rainy west coast day. If you are craving sweets try a lavender shortbread cookie or a lemon square.  Devour often has homemade ice cream or semi-freddo on the dessert menu. Order at the counter and the friendly staff will deliver your food to your table.

My only regret about this little eatery is that they aren’t open weekends!  I’ll guess I'll just have to get my fix mid week!

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