Sunday, April 1, 2012


Recently a friend recommended I try a brand new eatery located beside Pink Bicycle burger joint (thanks Rob!). I have only visited Clay Pigeon once but I just have to give kudos!  This bustling little restaurant serves up sandwiches that are far from ho hum.  I didn't get a chance to ask the server whether they make their charcuterie in house. There are some adventurous items on the menu (bison tongue Reuben anyone?).  Vegetarians take heart; there were some delicious veggie options too.  Try the ratatouille baguette with goat cheese.

It was tough to decide what to order. The lunch menu consists of soup, sandwiches, salads and some playful choices of side dishes such as homemade root chips (delicious!). Steve went for that venerable classic, the grilled cheese. I chose the porchetta sandwich with apple and fennel pickle. We shared an appetizer of deviled eggs.  The eggs were quite tasty with a good hit of curry in the filling.  I was ecstatic to see these on a menu.  The humble deviled egg needs to make a comeback!  Steve's grilled cheese was very tasty but we both agreed that it was my sandwich that was the piece de resistance. A baguette brimming with tender roast pork served warm so the juices trickled down my forearm to the plate.  Porcine heaven!  Bread makes or breaks a sammie for me and the baguette was very tasty with a dense chewy crust and soft interior.  I was a bit nervous of the fennel pickle.  Ordinarily I'm not a fan of fennel. In its raw state it’s too acrid, too much like raw onion but I was pleasantly surprised here. The fennel was mild and, along with the apple and gave the sandwich the most sublime crunch and sweetness.  It just took everything over the top. 

Clay Pigeon also serves breakfast and dinner. I plan to be back for both, albeit not at the same time!  We noted at the time of our visit that you can purchase breakfast sandwiches to go or to eat in for a paltry 5-6 bucks.  Why have an egg McMuffin when you can have a more substantial offering with premium ingredients for nearly the same price?  They also have gluten free options for folks with celiac disease (or those ascribing to the gluten phobia epidemic sweeping North America).

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I'll undoubtedly be back to Clay Pigeon to try other items or just to have that porchetta sandwich again!  I can't wait to see what else they come up with next.

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