Tuesday, May 8, 2012


There is a new kid in town on and she's mighty sweet.  At Oh Sugar confectionary on Johnson Street you'll find innumerable ways to satisfy your sweet tooth.  The website says they have sweets from 15 countries but on our last visit they were up to 23! 

Take home a box of Das salted caramels. If you like things in pretty packages covet elegant tins of violet candies made in France.  Licorice addicts can get their fix here, as there are many varieties in stock.  Oh Sugar is the only international retailer to stock David Klein's Beyond Gourmet Jellybeans.   Oldsters such as myself will jones after the stubby bottles of Pop Shop soda and pixie sticks.  If you are a fan of British sweets you can get English toffees here and unique flavours of bon bons.  Try the green apple or lemon sherbet.

The owners of Oh Sugar are affable and friendly and if you are lucky they'll let you sample delicious soft fudge, made in house.  Oh Sugar is a playful addition to the shops along Johnson Street.  The selection here is extensive.I look forward to returning to Oh Sugar for my pre matinee movie candy fix.  Good thing I have a dental plan!

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