Saturday, March 12, 2011


This bakery used to be called The Rhineland but has changed its name to Renaissance, perhaps to attract a broader clientele.  VERY happily for fans of the old Rhineland (such as me!) they still have many of their original breads, cakes and pastries in the offing along with some new and tempting treats.  Now Germany might not be appreciated for culinary contributions beyond the ubiquitous sausage but they happen to have some serious baking chops!  I initially discovered this bakery when a friend insisted I try their famous sausage roll.  Now, the thing is I normally don’t like sausage rolls AT ALL.  I don’t like the hard, overly thick pastry and the usually very greasy bland sausage within. However, Renaissance Bakery’s sausage roll is a revelation!  Flaky, light filo like layers of pastry around piping hot, sublimely flavored, peppery sausage meat.  The texture combination is absolutely incredible!  I was so addicted to these sausage rolls I used to grab one every day before catching the bus on Fort Street to work.  I still treat myself to a sausage roll after a long browse in the neighboring Russell books.  Even if you are a former sausage roll hater you MUST try Renaissance’s version!  You’ll become a convert and possibly even an addict.  They also make a turkey sausage version as well.  
There are other honorable mentions with this bakery one being that in a time of the yuppification of bakeries this eatery is charmingly old school and this reflects in the pricing. Prices are extremely reasonable for the quality of the product.  I have always loved German crusty buns for sandwiches and this bakery does a great job of this staple.  The buns have a satisfyingly chewy crust outside and are tender and moist within.  The German rye is authentic in texture and flavor.  The poppy seed squares are delicious. We have bought cookies and squares here as hostess gifts or when we are having friends over and they always get devoured.  Renaissance bakery also has an impressive array of gluten free breads and goodies for those with Celiac disease.
Check out this bakery for a savory or a sweet treat.  Your taste buds AND your pocket book will thank you!  Don’t be fooled by the lack of fancy frills in the space, they make up for it in the end product!  Service is polite and welcoming. 

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  1. Renaissance BakeryJuly 22, 2012 at 2:05 PM

    Hey, this is the Renaissance Bakery! Thank you for the wonderful review! I'm about a year late in reading it, but we appreciate your kind words nonetheless and hope you're still coming by for sausage rolls. If you see this, stop by anytime and ask for Steph and have a sausage roll on the house.

  2. Thanks Steph! I love your bakery.